RN P.R.E.P. Podcast

You can find the podcast on most listening platforms via this link.

Please feel free to suggest topics or guests.

July 2020: Wow! It has been a long & crazy summer! I appreciate everyone who has reached out and shown interest in new podcast episodes! You have made me smile:) I have good news……I have several NEW and FABULOUS episodes coming out very soon! Lots of great discussions with some wonderful guests, beginning with a nurse scientist, innovator, and entrepreneur, a former student who is now completing her PhD, a current BSN student, and an interview where I was the guest:).

Resources from Interview with Dr. Rebecca Koszalinski

Speak for Myself-Voice App

SONSIEL (Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders)

Nurses Change Lives (Johnson & Johnson)

A Sonnet a Day by Patrick Stewart

Recent Podcasts

Building a Resilient Team

Link to article referenced in podcast: “Building Resilient Teams to Tackle Burnout”

Coming soon: Discussion questions to use with this podcast.

Chris Hairfield, MSN, RN & Benita Curnell, MSN, ,RN
“The Wall” paying tribute to all of the care team members who have served at the screening site.

View Shannon D’Alton’s Gorgeous Art Projects

Virtual Simulation Resources Mentioned in Podcast with Dr. Melanie Cason

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