My Favorite Books of 2021

Here are my favorite books of 2021 (in alphabetical order – hyperlinks to books provided in paragraph below image). Would love to hear from you…..What were your favorites? What are you reading now?

  1. At Your Best (Nieuwhof)
  2. Confronting Christianity (McLaughlin)
  3. Four Thousand Weeks (Burkeman)
  4. Human Centered Leadership (Kennedy)
  5. Leadership is Language (Marquet)
  6. Never Go Back (Cloud)
  7. Open Strategy (Stadler)
  8. Pagan Christianity (Viola)
  9. Parting Words (Ferencz)
  10. Powerful Teaching (Agarwal)
  11. Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking (Acuff)
  12. The Making of Biblical Womanhood (Barr)
  13. The Midnight Library (Haig)
  14. The Ministry of Common Sense (Lindstrom)
  15. The Mystery of Mrs. Christie (Benedict)
  16. The Silent Patient (Michaelides)
  17. Think Again (Grant)
  18. Uncharted (Heffernan)
  19. Unlearning (Posey)
  20. Whole Brain Living (Taylor)

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