Good Teaching Requires the Right Mindset

I can’t stop thinking about this post! So good! Beckie Supiano really gets it and eloquently describes the “root of the problem” we frequently see in #NursingEducation. Much of my recent work has focused on “ethical and evidence-based teaching practices” in nursing education, specifically “why” we can’t seem to get there. There seem to be many barriers to our success, including the notorious “tyranny of precedent” (see my article on Cognitive Debiasing in Nurse Leader). But, I think it goes deeper than tradition and precedent, existing in the mindsets of those leading academic programs, often stemming from a behaviorism philosophy, which leads to what Beckie has described as “the way they’re actually teaching — not the way they think they’re teaching”. This is why rigid rules and prescriptive processes (designed to assure faculty are “following the rules”) don’t work. In fact, the evidence shows they typically lead to mediocrity, at best, squashing innovation, creativity, and excellence. I believe we have a gold-mine of opportunities within nursing education if we fully embrace co-teaching aligned with peer-mentoring, being very intentional with #purposefulimprinting to make sure our novice faculty are learning from those who truly embrace the art and science of ethical and evidence-based teaching practice. #innovation #learning #nursing

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